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Chord Transition (Made Easy For Beginners)

Going from one chord to another can be a difficult task. These videos I put together show you a few examples that may take the edge off of going from one chord to another. Good luck!

Chord transition from C Major to A minor

Chord transition from E Major to A Major


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How to write songs

There is no one way to write a song, but I composed 10 easy steps you can follow to help you in your songwriting journey. Just check out this YouTube video..

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Thumb Placement On The Guitar Neck

Thumb placement really depends on what you are playing with the guitar. If you are playing chords that use a bass note, such as a F# in a D chord, your thumb wraps around. Naturally that’s how you would do it. Your thumb could still be wrapped around while playing a regular D chord, but if it is at a 90 degree angle on the neck, it’ll give you a better chance, at least as a beginner of not accidently muting the 1st string with your 3rd finger. Other Major chords such as A & G, my thumb is wrapped around. Again it’s not wrong, but you’ve also got to find what works best as well. Make an F chord shape with your thumb at a 90 degree angle behind the neck. Notice the difference between that and having your thumb wrapped around the neck. You see there’s more control there in the 90 degree,  especially in barring the 1st & 2 notes on the 1st 2 strings in the F.
Classical players tend to play a lot with the thumb behind the neck at a 90 degree angle. You’ll find practicing this way, your fingers can stretch out a lot further. You’ll be able to hit notes that you wouldn’t be able to hit with your thumb around the neck.
Bending notes, your thumb wraps around the neck. There needs to be that added support or anchor. Watch videos of some of your favorite artists, and watch what they do. Remember the more you know about technique, the easier it will be…

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3 Chords … multiple songs !!

There are a lot of songs that use only 3 chords. Let’s take a look at some of these songs that follow that pattern and the keys they are in..

A, D, & E (Key Of A)
Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode
Elvis Presley – Blue Suede Shoes
Bill Haley & The Comets – Rock Around The Clock

G, C, & D (Key Of G)
ZZ Top – Tush
Bob Dylan – Blowing In The Wind
Bob Dylan – Knocking On Heaven’s Door
Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire

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Todays Hits

Todays Hits

Songs of today, made easy to play.

Paramore – The Only Exception
Capo on the 4th fret
Verse   G/Dm/C maj or C maj7
Bridge  Am/G/D repeat again and end on C

Taylor Swift – Our Song
Verse              D/Em/G/A
Pre-Chorus   G/A/G/A
Chorus            D/Em/G/A

Taylor Swift – Love Song
Capo 2nd fret
Verse        C/F/Am/F second time on G
Chorus     F/G/Am/C

Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound
YouTube site for chords –

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time
YouTube site for chords –

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
YouTube site for chords –

Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound
YouTube site for chords –

FUN – We Are Young
YouTube site for chords –

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
YouTube site for chords –

Krewella – Alive
YouTube site for chords –

The Lumineers – Hey Ho
YouTube site for chords –

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The 70’s

The 70’s had some great tunes. I’m gonna show you some songs and chord changes made easy. Once you know some of the basic chords, they can be applied to these songs.  More to be added soon!

Kenny Rodgers – The Gambler
Capo on 6th fret
Intro        A/D/A/D
Verses     A/D/A/A/E/A/D/A/D/A/E/A
Chorus    A/D/A/D/A/A/E

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
Capo on the 2nd fret
Verse                  A/D/A/E
Pre-Chorus           A/A6/E/D/E
Chorus                A/D/E (outrow E/D/C#m/Bm)

Badfinger – Day after day
Verse         E/Dsus2/A
Chorus       B/F#/A5/Amaj7/F#m7/E

Bob Seger – Turn The Page
Verse  Em/D/A/D
Chorus  D/Em/D/Em/D/A/C/D/Em

YouTube site for lesson –

C.C.R. – Who’ll stop the rain
Intro   G/Em
Verse   G/C/G/Em/C/G
Pre-Chorus  C/G/C/G/C/D
Chorus  EM
2nd verse   G/C/G/Bm/C/G
Bridge   C/G/D/Am/C/Em
Outrow   G/Em

YouTube site for lesson –

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The difference between chords and melody.

There’s a special marriage between chords and the melody of the song. At times people get mixed up on the purpose of both. The chord serves as a backbone that lays behind the melody.
Think of a cake if you will. There are certain ingredients that make up a cake. No matter the type of cake, you will need the components that make it up. Think of the melody as the topping of the cake. There are multiple ways you can decorate it, just as there are multiple melodies you can put behind chords. For practice take the chords G/D/C and keep the strumming patterns the same. Now put a melody behind each one as if it were a separate song. You could have three great melodies, creating 3 different songs, but still using the same chords. Enough about cake…let’s write some songs!!

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Sus Chords = Suspended Chords

Anything you see with a sus after the chord is considered a (sus chord), which simply means suspended. No, they’re not hanging upside down, even though the word has a funny connotation. It’s function is to  give color to the chord.One of the traits of this chord is an unresolved sound. Here’s a couple examples of sus chords…
Quick Tip !!

A sus2 chord is where a 3rd is replaced with a second.
A sus4 chord is where a 3rd is replaced with a fourth.

How to play a Dsus4 on guitar – Here’s the YouTube video –

How to play a Dsus2 on guitar – Here’s the YouTube video –

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You Tube & Guitar Tutorials

You Tube

You Tube has a whole slew of videos you can benefit from. Below are some that I would recommend you watch to get a more in depth view of scales, modes, etc. This is just the begining..more will be added!!!


Blues Scale Minor Pentatonic and the Extended Scale – Just the Fingering

Blues guitar scale lesson involving leads – Marty Schwartz–LRL_XoQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Mixolydian charts and tab –  Jason Ochsner

Aeolian charts and tab – Jason Ochsner


Major Scale How & Why? – Justin Guitar

Guitar Licks

Playing over a Major Chord using certain licks – Theodore Ziras

Cool  educational guitar sites

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The Beatles

One of the most influential groups of all times…The Beatles!! There’s no question, the talent in the songwriting is like no other. Without a doubt, even if George Harrison didn’t have much of a voice in that group, he brought something huge to the table. The Beatles created a cohesive sound that had the ability to change with the times. Here’s some Beatles songs with chords..enjoy!

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun
Capo on the 7th fret
Verse   D/G/A7
Chorus D/G/Em/D

Hard Days Night
Intro              Dm
Verses           G/C/G/F/G
Pre-Chorus     C/D/G/C/G
Bridge           Bm/Em/Bm/G/Em/C/D

Hey Jude
Capo on 1st fret
Verse           D/A/A7/D/G/D/A7/D repeat add D7 on end
Chorus        G/ G/F# /Em7/A7/D/D7 before the nahs end on A7
Outrow       D/C/G/D

Eight Days A Week
Verse              D/E/G/D
Pre-Chorus    Bm/G/Bm/E
Chorus           D/E/G/D
Bridge            A/Bm/E/G/A

Verses    F/Em7/A7/Dm/Dm7/Bb/C7/F/Em/Dm/G7/Bb/F
Chorus   Em7/A7/Dm/Am7/Bb/Gm6/C7/F repeat

Let It Be
Verses     C/G/Am/Am7/F/C/G/F/C
Chorus    Am/G/F/C/C/G/F/C

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Verse      G/D/F/G/C/C/F/C
Chorus    G/C/D


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