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How to teach kids guitar

It’s not always easy to teach kids guitar, but you want to make the experience fun. If it’s too serious they lose interest. They aren’t thinking about shredding or big bends, but if you show them some simple chords and how they apply it to something like a SpongeBob song, you’ll have em grinning from ear to ear.

When learning music notes, I find you can make it more interesting for them, by adding an animal name to each musical note….So A becomes (Ant) B is (Bee) C is (Cat) D is (Dog) ..ya da ya da ..

Be sure to praise kids if they’re doing good. Kids always need positive reinforcement.

If they aren’t practicing, and it’s an ongoing thing, you may want them to play something for their parents to show them what they should be working on. If they really seem uninterested, you may just want to have that conversation with the parents and tell em this may not be for them right now.

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