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How to play Plastic Jesus on guitar

Plastic Jesus must be one of the most covered songs on YouTube. I put together a simple video that’ll get you started playing it. There’s really only a few chords in the song. If you ever do anything with the song and do a cover of it, I’d love to see it, so be sure to e-mail me back if you have a version of it. Happy trails!!


For YouTube go here –


For more YouTube videos go to


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Learn how to play songs on guitar from bands & artists of 2000…

Here’s a few videos you can check out of guitar lessons of some of todays music..

Learn Alex Clare’s “Too Close” ..Here’s a great song, with 2 different ways to play it, depending on your ability with guitar.

Chord changes – Bm/D/Em/G/F#

Go to YouTube video here –

Learn Foo Fighters “Wheels” ..Here’s a great song, with 2 different ways to play it.

Chord changes – 1st way (Capo 2nd fret) – Cadd9/G/Em7/D

Chord changes – 2nd way – D/A/F#m/E

Go to YouTube video here –

Learn FUN “Carry On”.. pop fun

Chord changes –  Verses E/A

Pre-Chorus  E/F#m/G#m/A

Chorus  E/A/B

Bridge  B/A/E

Learn FUN “Some Nights”..pop fun

Chord changes Intro   F/C/F/C/F/C/G – F/C/F/C/Am/G

Go to YouTube video here –

Learn Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”..pop fun with a little  twist of reggae..

Capo on 4th fret

Chord changes – Verse & Chorus G/D/Em/C

Chord changes in free style lyric do doot part – G – D/F# – Em – D – C – Fdim

Go To YouTube video here –

Learn Coldplay “Yellow”

Chord Changes – Verse  B/F#/E

Chord Changes – Chorus E/G#m/F#

Go to YouTube video here –

Learn David Guetta “Titanium” on acoustic guitar (Made Easy)

Capo 3rd fret

Chord Changes – Intro C /  C/B  / Am

Verse  – C /  C/B  /  Am  /  C  /  Em  /  Am

Chorus  –  F  /  G  /  Em  /  Am

Learn Florida Georgia Line “Cruise” on acoustic guitar

Capo 3rd fret

Verse – G/D/Em7/Cadd9

Go to YouTube video here –

Learn Sam Tsui “Shadow” on acoustic guitar

Capo 3rd fret

Intro – Cadd9/D/G/ G/B

Verse –  Cadd9/D/G/ G/B

Pre-Chorus –  Em/C/G/D

Chorus – Cadd9/D/G/  G/B  /Cadd9/D/Em/ D/F# / Cadd9

Bridge – Cadd9/D/Em/G/Cadd9/D/Em/F

For more videos go to –

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How to teach kids guitar

It’s not always easy to teach kids guitar, but you want to make the experience fun. If it’s too serious they lose interest. They aren’t thinking about shredding or big bends, but if you show them some simple chords and how they apply it to something like a SpongeBob song, you’ll have em grinning from ear to ear.

When learning music notes, I find you can make it more interesting for them, by adding an animal name to each musical note….So A becomes (Ant) B is (Bee) C is (Cat) D is (Dog) ..ya da ya da ..

Be sure to praise kids if they’re doing good. Kids always need positive reinforcement.

If they aren’t practicing, and it’s an ongoing thing, you may want them to play something for their parents to show them what they should be working on. If they really seem uninterested, you may just want to have that conversation with the parents and tell em this may not be for them right now.

For easy guitar lessons go to

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Movie Songs & TV Theme Songs

I will eventually add more to this here, but I’ve got a few theme songs I put together recently. The Neverending Story theme song at… Again this is my interpretation but if you follow along to these chords, you’ll have it in no time.

Verse  C/G/F/Am/G

Pre-Chorus Eb/Ab/Bb/Eb/Cm/Ab/Bb

Chorus  C/G/Dm/Am/G

The Batman tv theme song. Go here for the video..


For more videos just go to

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Chord Transition (Made Easy For Beginners)

Going from one chord to another can be a difficult task. These videos I put together show you a few examples that may take the edge off of going from one chord to another. Good luck!

Chord transition from C Major to A minor

Chord transition from E Major to A Major

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