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Thumb Placement On The Guitar Neck

Thumb placement really depends on what you are playing with the guitar. If you are playing chords that use a bass note, such as a F# in a D chord, your thumb wraps around. Naturally that’s how you would do it. Your thumb could still be wrapped around while playing a regular D chord, but if it is at a 90 degree angle on the neck, it’ll give you a better chance, at least as a beginner of not accidently muting the 1st string with your 3rd finger. Other Major chords such as A & G, my thumb is wrapped around. Again it’s not wrong, but you’ve also got to find what works best as well. Make an F chord shape with your thumb at a 90 degree angle behind the neck. Notice the difference between that and having your thumb wrapped around the neck. You see there’s more control there in the 90 degree,  especially in barring the 1st & 2 notes on the 1st 2 strings in the F.
Classical players tend to play a lot with the thumb behind the neck at a 90 degree angle. You’ll find practicing this way, your fingers can stretch out a lot further. You’ll be able to hit notes that you wouldn’t be able to hit with your thumb around the neck.
Bending notes, your thumb wraps around the neck. There needs to be that added support or anchor. Watch videos of some of your favorite artists, and watch what they do. Remember the more you know about technique, the easier it will be…


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