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The 70’s

The 70’s had some great tunes. I’m gonna show you some songs and chord changes made easy. Once you know some of the basic chords, they can be applied to these songs.  More to be added soon!

Kenny Rodgers – The Gambler
Capo on 6th fret
Intro        A/D/A/D
Verses     A/D/A/A/E/A/D/A/D/A/E/A
Chorus    A/D/A/D/A/A/E

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
Capo on the 2nd fret
Verse                  A/D/A/E
Pre-Chorus           A/A6/E/D/E
Chorus                A/D/E (outrow E/D/C#m/Bm)

Badfinger – Day after day
Verse         E/Dsus2/A
Chorus       B/F#/A5/Amaj7/F#m7/E

Bob Seger – Turn The Page
Verse  Em/D/A/D
Chorus  D/Em/D/Em/D/A/C/D/Em

YouTube site for lesson –

C.C.R. – Who’ll stop the rain
Intro   G/Em
Verse   G/C/G/Em/C/G
Pre-Chorus  C/G/C/G/C/D
Chorus  EM
2nd verse   G/C/G/Bm/C/G
Bridge   C/G/D/Am/C/Em
Outrow   G/Em

YouTube site for lesson –


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