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One of the most influential groups of all times…The Beatles!! There’s no question, the talent in the songwriting is like no other. Without a doubt, even if George Harrison didn’t have much of a voice in that group, he brought something huge to the table. The Beatles created a cohesive sound that had the ability to change with the times. Here’s some Beatles songs with chords..enjoy!

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun
Capo on the 7th fret
Verse   D/G/A7
Chorus D/G/Em/D

Hard Days Night
Intro              Dm
Verses           G/C/G/F/G
Pre-Chorus     C/D/G/C/G
Bridge           Bm/Em/Bm/G/Em/C/D

Hey Jude
Capo on 1st fret
Verse           D/A/A7/D/G/D/A7/D repeat add D7 on end
Chorus        G/ G/F# /Em7/A7/D/D7 before the nahs end on A7
Outrow       D/C/G/D

Eight Days A Week
Verse              D/E/G/D
Pre-Chorus    Bm/G/Bm/E
Chorus           D/E/G/D
Bridge            A/Bm/E/G/A

Verses    F/Em7/A7/Dm/Dm7/Bb/C7/F/Em/Dm/G7/Bb/F
Chorus   Em7/A7/Dm/Am7/Bb/Gm6/C7/F repeat

Let It Be
Verses     C/G/Am/Am7/F/C/G/F/C
Chorus    Am/G/F/C/C/G/F/C

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Verse      G/D/F/G/C/C/F/C
Chorus    G/C/D


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