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Natural Minor Scales

We’ve talked about major scales and their formula. Now let’s take a look at a minor scale and follow their formula. For a minor scale you take the 3rd degree of the scale and lower it a half step, take the 6th degree and lower it a half step, & take the 7th degree and lower it a half step. As an example take a G major scale and compare the difference between the two.
G major scale    G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G
G minor scale  
  G -A -Bb- C- D -Eb- F -G

——3—–5–6—                                   G—-A—-Bb
——3—4—-6—  (shift up)                    D—-Eb—F
—2-3—-5——–  (shift down)                A—-Bb—C
——3—–5——-                                   F—–G——
——3—–5–6—                                   C—–D—-Eb
——3—–5–6—                                   G —-A—-Bb

Example in A

A major scale    A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G#-A
A minor scale    A -B- C- D -E- F -G-A

——5—–7–8—                                   A—-B—-C
——5—6—-8—  (shift up)                    E—-F—G
–4–5—-7——–  (shift down)                B—-C—D
——5—–7——-                                   G—–A——
——5—–7–8—                                   D—–E—-F
——5—–7–8—                                   A —-B—-C

Quick Tip !! A lot of memorizing patterns can be daunting. When you look at a natural minor scale, consider this. The first 2 parts of the scale, the finger patterns the same, even though the notes are different. (on the 6th & 5th string) On the 4th & 3rd string the patterns are the same, but there is a shift involved. This should help in memorizing the pattern.


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