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Blues Solo Patterns In E

Let’s take a look at 5 patterns you can solo over in E. Take your time learning them, and I suggest you learn 1 at a time. Once you have mastered the 1st one, move on to the next.
Start with the 1st pattern. If it’s your 1st time, try getting used to the fingering and the pattern, starting with the 1st one. Once you’ve gone over it and you feel like you have the concept, I would suggest practicing each one with a metronome starting at 60 bpms. Begin with quarter notes, then eighth notes, & then triplets. This will ensure a solid time and once you feel you you can play it at that speed, up the ante and try it on 65 bpms and so forth.
Written below is the tab, but here are the notes you will be playing, starting with the 6th string…E, G, A, A#, B, D,
The A# is considered the blue note. This is a note that sounds best as a passing note.

Pattern #1
First Position  written in tab form


Here’s a great diagram taken from a website that I found very helpful explaining the positions on the guitar.


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