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Songwriting…A How To On Songwriting

Songwritting is an art, but just like anything else, if practiced doing enough, you will get good at it. If we take some of the basic things I’ve showed you thus far, you will be able to come up with an original song. Still not sure?…Let’s go over an example. Let’s say I want to write in the key of C. Now let’s look at our chord options.

Key Of C

I      ii        iii      IV   V     vi       bVII

C     Dm     Em      F     G    Am   B

Keep in mind chord changes and play around with them a little bit. Even though it’s in the key of C, you may not want to start with C. Try to come up with different chord changes and write them down.

Now come up with some could be about anything, but have a direction. Remember everything is subject to change and can always be tweaked. The melody will involve 7 notes derived from the C scale..CDEFGABC. Not that you should really think of the notes while you are coming up with the melody but the thought that you are only working with 7 notes makes it infinate as far as melodys go.

Most songs have a formula. Try this first….

Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Instrumental Break – Verse-Chorus

Quick Tip !! The instrumental break is usually where a solo is, or maybe a break in the song that sets up the end phrases for the outrow.

Here’s another one you could try..

Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Bridge – Verse – Chorus

Quick Tip !!  The bridge in the song is a part that sounds very different from the verse or chorus. In a way it adds more color, or may even create tension in the song.

Check out my 10 steps for writing songs here on YouTube –


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