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Analyze This..A Chord Analysis of Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl is a song classic. I will talk about the song structure and what made this song a hit. It’s a great beginer song with tasteful guitar parts. First lets take a look at the diatonic chords in the major key we will be dealing with. This song is in the key of G.

                                      I      ii          iii        IV   V     vi       bVII

Key of G                         G     Am      Bm      C     D     Em    F

You will mostly be dealing with G, C, D, otherwise known as I, IV, & V of the diatonic scale. There will be an occasional Em in there which will be the vi chord, of the diatonic scale. Now let’s put together the pattern for the song together using these chords. Keep in mind your strumming pattern should be down, down, up, up, down, up…this will be written most of the time like this

D D U   U D U

                  l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l

Verse                                                      D

                  I                 IV              I                V

                  DDU UDU    DDU  UDU   DDU UDU   DDU UDU

                   l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l

Chorus        C                 D                G               Em

                 IV                 V                I               vi

                    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l

                   C                D               G              D

                  IV                 V               I               V

                  l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l    l—-l—-l—-l

Bridge                                                      D

                      I                 IV              I                V

Keep the strumming patterns consistent & be careful with with changing of the chords. Here’s a list of the chords written in tab you will be playing.

G – [ 320003]

C – [x32010]

D – [xx0232]

Em – [022000]


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