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Putting Major chords together!!

So how do you know which ones go together. I’ve decided to start simple, since there are 5 common keys you will be dealing with on a daily basis.  They are C major, G major,D major, A major, & E major. Depending on the scale, will determine the chords used from the scale. You will notice the roman numerals above the chords. This will signify the position and type of chord played. Anything in a capital letter will be major. Anything in a lowercase manner will involve a minor. The last chord is a diminished. We’ll get to that one in a  bit here.

Major Scale Chords

                                   I      ii        iii      IV   V     vi       bVII

Key of C                  C     Dm     Em      F     G    Am   B

Key of G                  G     Am     Bm     C    D     Em    F

Key of D                  D     Em     F#m   G   A      Bm   C

Key of A                  A     Bm     C#m    D   E      F#m   G

Key of E                  E     F#m   G#m    A   B     C#m    D

So now I’d like to put this context of actual songs and how it would apply. In an earlier blog I mention songs that start with a C major chord. One of them was “La Bamba.” When you look at “La Bamba” it is a song that is in the key of C. The main chords in the song are C, F, & G. According to the Key of C major chord progression chart, you are playing the I, IV, & V. Still confused? Let’s look at Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” also in the Key of C. The chords used in that song are  Am,F,C, & G. This time you’re looking at  vi, VI, I, V.

In a major scale, certain degrees of a major scale are assigned certain chords. Here I wrote it another way for you to see.

Root = Major
2nd = Minor
3rd = Minor
4th = Major
5th = Major
6th = Minor
7th = Minor flat 5 (1 b3 b5)


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