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Major Scales Theory (Open Scales)

Major Scales

Scales have always had a scary tone to me. A lot of times when we don’t understand something or how it works, it becomes gray territory. There is a formula for using the major scales I will explain in relation to the guitar, and this break down should make more sense. A scale by definition, is a series of notes that can either go up by an octave or down by an octave. It will involve a sequence of notes using whole steps and half steps.

Let’s take a C scale which has no sharps or flats. I’ll explain that later, but it will be the easiest one for you to understand.

Whole     Whole     Half       Whole      Whole    Whole     Half

C               D             E             F               G             A              B

On a guitar the scale can  be explained in terms of Tone & Semi-tone as now it would be…

Tone      Tone       Semi-tone       Tone     Tone     Tone     Semi-tone

C             D             E                       F            G           A            B

Quick Tip !! When dealing with these major scales, you will always have a series of 7 notes. If you go up to 8 you will then hit an octave

Quick Tip !! B & C will always be together, just as E & F will always be together as far as distance between notes.

Let’s look open major scales on the guitar starting with C. Keep in mind we are only dealing with one octave right now.

C Major Scale  ( Note in parenthesis is the root note of scale)

C Major Scale – CDEFGABC – no sharps


G Major Scale

G Major Scale – GABCDEF#G – 1 sharp F#


D Major Scale

D Major Scale – DEF#GABC#D – 2 sharps F# & C#


A Major Scale

A Major Scale – ABC#DEF#G#A – 3 sharps C#, F#, & G#


E Major Scale

E Major Scale – EF#G#ABC#D#E – 4 sharps F#, G#, C#, & D#


B Major Scale

B Major Scale – BC#D#E F#G#A#B- 5 sharps C#, D#, F#, G# & A#



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