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Reading Music

When learning to read music it can be daunting and extremely frustrating. Multiple things are going on while you are reading the notes on sheet music, for instance the placement of the notes on the guitar while you are playing it. No matter what piece of music you are listening to, you should pick the phrasing apart, so when you play things in completion it will be smoother. Don’t take your eyes away from the music you are reading. ALWAYS keep your eyes focused on the music while you fingers are moving on target notes.

When reading tab there is a lot of notation to signify what you will be doing. Get familiar with the different symbols. For the moment let’s talk about online tab. There are many sites online to check out. Here’s a few to look for online…

 Here are some things you will see when looking at tab.

In reference to what finger you might use you will see a i, m, r, or p.

i (index)
m (middle)
r (ring)
p (pinky)

Here is what chords may look like..

     Basic Chords    G, C, & D       
e :–3——–0——–2———————————
B :–0——–1——–3———————————
G :–0——–0——–2——————————
D :–0——–2——–0———————–
A :–2——–3———————–
E :–3—————————


f = full bend 

b = bend one half step 

gb = ghost bend

h = hammer-on

p = pull-off 

v = vibrato 

m = mute 

n = natural harmonic 

rel = release the previously bent note to normal pitch.

t = tap


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